Thank you for visiting our online resource! We hope that you will take more time to get to know us by viewing the "What We Believe" page and our "About Us" page as well. We certainly pray that you will join our family and aspire to become the hands and feet of Christ!  Below, you will find just a few examples of who we are and what you can expect when visiting or becoming a part of The Great I AM Church.


Breaking Traditions

Though our beliefs are traditional, there are a few things that we do that break traditions. With a high value on discipleship, evangelism and community envolvement, we have elected to forgo the federal tax exempt status (known as the 501c3 tax exempt status). This gives us a freedom that other congregations may not have. This is only one example of how we are breaking traditions in order that we can be the bearers of the message of the Kingdom of Heaven into the community! (Matthew 10:7, Luke 9:2)

There are other ways in which we challenge the way traditional church has been done. You can see by looking to the right hand side of the page that we have something going on all day on Sunday's! Our ultimate goal is to honor God by honoring the Sabbath. We believe that by having a day (Sunday) scheduled for the body to come together, we can achieve this goal together. The reason why we do this is two-fold.  The first is for close discipleship, the second is for unity in the body of Christ. No Christian is perfect, but we are family! 


What you need to know.Organic Chuch

We are a non-denominational church plant. That's right. We are a church plant. What does that mean? It means that The Great I AM Church is just being started. There is no "traditional" church building at this time; the Church meets in a home. To see the word 'home' and think big comfy couches, would be a mistake. In fact there is an area that seats about 15-20 individuals with a 'traditional' sanctuary set up. This is for the morning and evening services. Like a traditional church service, there is a worship time, communion, and preaching time for each service.


What you can expect.

As you arrive to the church, there is ample space to park in the drive way. When you enter the door you will be greeted by the sanctuary. You will be greeted, and can help yourself to coffee and snacks before service. Before service starts there will be a bulliten and notes available. Our typical service has worship, communion, announcements and preaching. After service we offer lunch! You
and your family are free to stay, however, we won't hold you hostage! You are free to leave at any time, our feelings won't be hurt.  

We care about Children!After lunch we have many things that happen, from small group, to fellowship time. For those that are not sure about coming to our church for service, we suggest joining us for fellowship on Sunday, or small group. It is a great way to get to know us and what we stand for. It's more personal and all of your questions can be answered before you join us for Sunday!

A question we get often is "Do you have children's ministry?" While we have plans for children's ministry, we believe that children should watch and participate as a family unit during worship and communion. Ideally, after this time the children would go to their service. If you have more questions about this, we would love to talk to you about them. You can contact us by visiting this page.